MAY 3rd 2022



Hi! I am Mark Pierce.

I am running for

Indiana State Representative District 56


Help Our Freedom First Movement


Something Different

Mark is not a professional politician looking for the next higher office. Mark will always vote to put your family's freedom first, not the agenda of the Indianapolis powerbrokers, lobbyists, or party bosses. He is NOT running for office to be someone, but to do SOMETHING.

freedom first

Mark has been and will truly remain committed to freedom - it's as his campaign slogan says "Freedom First" - it's not just lip service.

medical freedom

Mark has been endorsed by Dr. Dan Stock, also a leader in the statewide medical freedom movement working with nationally recognized physicians. Mark will continue to work with Hoosiers for Life, and Hoosiers for Medical Liberty.


Mark has extensive leadership experience participating in the freedom movement, and even as a Co-founder of Voice of the Patriots Indiana Ohio


Mark is opposed to lockdowns, mask & vaccine mandates, as well as vaccine passports or to force anyone to take any medical drug, service, test or injection to stay employed. That is unconstitutional and a violation of our individual rights

constitutional conservative

Mark is an independent, constitutional, conservative, who has continued his education on the constitution through IOTC and the . He is a principled voice that is desperately needed in Indianapolis

Election Integrity

Thanks to Dr. Frank as well as Indiana First Action we have learned our elections were hacked, We have seen 25 million attempted hacks in a day. I will work to bring us back to paper ballots only, precinct voting, security, and make voting day a holiday so that we can take full pride in the experience of honest voting. Click this box for video about election intregity

A Better Healthcare

We all have a test that gives us our testimony. My test has allowed me to meet and be counseled by some of the top medical professionals in the country, including immunologists, virologists, pathologists, and a host of other integrative, functional whole-body root cause healthcare professionals

foundational Education

I will insure we eliminate all divisive CRT, SEL and potential future divisive teachings as well as pornography. Get back to teaching the subject matter of Math, Science, English, etc.I will focus more on trade school training, IT cybersecurity and Farming.

About Mark

Mark has been a citizen of Richmond for 15 years. His love of God, country, and the importance of truth and justice are what inspired him to run for state representative in order to defend and protect the Constitution of both Indiana and the United States. 


PIERCE LD Vote Pro-life
" Defense for Liberty PAC approves Mark Pierce as the only candidate for House district #56 who will fight for life at conception"
Libert Defense P.A.C.
"Dr. Frank endorses Mark Pierce to help us address the issues of Election integrity and make meaningful change and work to get us back to using paper ballots and honest elections"
Dr. Douglas Frank
Dr Dan stock picture Endorsement
I endorse Mark Pierce for Indiana State representative for District #56 because he has been fighting for freedom in all areas of Hoosiers lives, especially for Medical Freedom.
Dr. Dan Stock
Over the last year, I have written about a hundred religious exemptions for people in our region who only wanted to keep their jobs and make their own health decisions.
Pastor Chris Monaghan
have you seen brad barrett's voting record?